Best to just point out that reason is how we justify our beliefs

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canadian goose jacket Reason is a description of how humans behave when justifying their beliefs just as attracted to the mass of the earth is a description of how our bodies behave when standing on the earth.So, while I believe Jerry to be right on track up to the point of explaining DESCRIPTIVELY that reason is the tool we use in justifying our beliefs, I think he falls into the apologist trap when he goes further to say:we use it because it works. In other words, we have justified confidence in it, is an attempt to justify the use of reason. You can say justified in using reason because when reason IS already the method you assumed to justify in the first place.Best to just point out that reason is how we justify our beliefs, and that if you aren using reason, you aren justifying a belief.The problem is (and the trap is) that you can’t justify reason without appealing to reasonNo, the problem is that when you interpret so broadly, you can justify anything without appealing to reason. canadian goose jacket

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