The design of the pool house, contemporary

The pool house

Mid-July is about as summery as it can get; and our lifestyles certainly show it. We’re using our grills more than our stoves, we’ve all but abandoned our kitchen tables, in favor of our picnic tables, and we’re spending more time around backyards than our houses.


These days, however, many people are hanging out at pool houses all day long, while staying close to home; very close, in fact. That’s because, every year, millions more people are putting up pool houses in their own backyards. There’s no mystery surrounding this trend, either; it’s right in step with the “stay-cation” craze that has been sweeping the nation. The best part is that, besides being picturesque, pool houses are quite practical, even for those who don’t have pools.






One of the reasons that pool houses are so desirable is that they combine the best characteristics of gazebos, sheds, and cabanas. Like gazebos, they’re enchanting additions to any landscape, and come in many materials, shapes, and styles. You can get a basic design, or make one as elaborate as you want, by selecting features such as finished interiors, insulation, cupolas, ceiling fans, sliding glass doors, and blinds; and you can choose from several colors of siding, trim, shingles, shutters, and window boxes.


With all of these extras, as well as the attractive porches that are available on many models, you can use a pool house as a cottage, guest house, home office, play house, entertainment room, studio, or anything else that you wish. There are unlimited options for decorating, too. Traditional wood outdoor furniture, in cedar or pine, will give it a rustic look, while cherry or teak wood will lend a more elegant aspect. If you want a contemporary motif, try aluminum or polywood furniture, which you’ll find in a full spectrum of colors



Of course, it can be used as a cabana as well. Even if you don’t have a large pool, you may have a wading pool or a sprinkler for the kids; and a pool house is a great place for them to leave their wet bathing suits and towels. You can also install a hot tub, and turn it into a backyard spa. For more convenience, add a mildew-resistant teak hamper and a towel valet.




A pool house will also be ideal as an entertainment center for your backyard parties. Set up your picnic table and grill nearby, give it some porch furniture, and add attractive landscaping features. Pergolas, arbors, and trellises, covered with gorgeous climbing flowers, will define separate areas, and provide shade, color, and privacy. If you want to make things more festive, decorate your garden structures, including the pool house, with strings of party lights.

On top of all of its other assets, a pool house has the storage capacity of a shed, which makes it the perfect place to keep garden tools, pool maintenance equipment and toys, hoses, shovels, and lawn mowers.

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