Finally, I have to quote Dellora defense of Hitchens secular

using dolphins and living fossils why evolution is true

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Canada Goose Outlet But metaphorically of what? And Jesus died to become a metaphor? If so, how can a metaphor save humanity? don see any way around this. BioLogos has had a gazillion posts trying to make metaphorical sense of Adam and Eve, but responses like the headship model, in which God simply designated two of the many early humans as Original Sinners are simply laughable. And remember that the Catholic Church official policy is one of all human literally descended from Adam and Eve. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose coats More trigger warnings in the UKI have to say that although I support the work of the Center for Inquiryin America, I haven been a hugefan of their organization. A while back they went through a repellant Social Justice Warrior phase (they seem to be recovering), andsometimes they do stuff that just plain weird. (By the way, this doesn hold for CfI Canada, which I support unreservedly.) Here is one example, brought to my attention by reader Gary canada goose coats.

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