An Important Function Of The Living Room Ceiling Design

The Design Of The Living Room Ceiling

Every part of the House which was built certainly has functions and specific meaning. Similarly, with the installation of the ceiling in the living room and in other spaces in the House. Ceiling or often referred to as the ceiling is the top of a room and under the framework of the roof.



In fact the ceiling does not have functions structurally in a House. This means that the House still stands and is used though not installed ceiling. The main function of the ceiling is for tidiness, beauty, and health for residents. Ceiling mounted especially for the cover frame of the roof and hide the electrical installation.



The ceiling also has important functions related to health. The design of the ceiling of the living room and the other room will hold dirt that falls from the roof through the cracks of tile so that the House is not dirty fast.



Over time, the current design of the Ceiling of the living room becomes an important part of interior design in our homes. Many different kinds and models of ceiling that can make our homes become more beautiful and comfortable. One of the rooms which became the first choice for diplafon is usually the living room. The living room is the place where we can deliver meals to people who are visiting on our residence, where it is usually people will give judgment against our homes both in terms of decoration, wall paint color selection, selection keramiklantai and also includes the selection of ceiling home or often also in called ceiling,

Various designs of Minimalist living room Ceiling
The ceiling can be made from several kinds of materials, such as gypsum, pvc, wood, plywood, and much more. The main characteristic of materials that can be used as a ceiling is a light material so there is no harm if it falls. For this occasion we will give you a reference for you that is about a model living room ceiling that has a beautiful design and model making it very suitable for your living space, whether for minimalist House, modern or fancy.

Gypsum Ceiling
Gypsum became the most popular materials for the manufacture of ceilings. In addition the price is not too expensive, gypsum ceiling results will also be very beautiful. This type of ceiling gypsum can be used in a living room or a classic minimalist concept.

PVC Ceiling
PVC itself is abbreviated from polivynil chlorida i.e. polymer materials which are often used in the manufacture of water pipes, so the roof ceiling is made from ordinary materials to create a pipe, its supple and light will be easy to form, from the in terms of strength may limit the type of this one will be lost from the ceiling gypsum, however for long term durability of PVC ceiling seemed more able in relying upon.

Wooden Ceiling
The use of a wooden ceiling will make the room feel warmer, this is because the character of the wood itself can provide warmth, apart from the impression that can be given by the roof ceiling this is the impression of a more natural so it is very suitable for those who brings the classic theme, actually still an awful lot of ceiling model we can see from the side of its material such as a metal ceiling, ceiling asbestos, rattan ceiling and more, now for more inspiring for you directly any time we see a beautiful ceiling model 7 for the living room.

Plywood Ceiling
This type of ceiling if viewed from resilience is very weak, because if it is hit with water when leaking would make plywood into the stands and brittle, usually use this type of ceiling in use among middle-down, but over the development of this type of ceiling is already starting to tergeser by ceiling-ceiling that exists at this moment as the existing ceiling types above.

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