a minimalist Garden in a narrow land

minimalist Garden

It has the elegant gardens for small spaces become coveted. For many people, by establishing a park inside or outside the home will keep the balance of air and the atmosphere surrounding it. No matter how the display in certain rules, creating green and coloring the Grounds already set in their minds.





If you want to set up a minimalist garden in areas of Your small space, so you have to design the first to find out what kind of important things You would apply in the Park. One important point is to select the placement for plants and other elements. Planted a garden on the grounds of narrow, minimalist but elegant simple to get the overall look when you see it. Trails, waterfalls, the lights, the mailbox can even put as simple as possible by assigning other colorful plants around them. This is a different discussion if you want to put a Chair at the edge of it. Try not to set a complex setting or style around a Chair. With small lanes and lights to go through chairs, Garden funny you would look good and simple.





Keep in mind that the minimalist garden also requires routine maintenance. In addition, if you sign up for some great accessories, so you have to concentrate for the maintenance of the plant. Once in two months, you can change or replacement of half of the plants as you want as long as it is the match grew a little bit of space. Access to get the right plants and appropriately when you change to another style, make a list of plants, flowers, or other elements that you will set the season based on that month. Make sure it requires routine maintenance. In addition, choose a color to contrast with the types of plants in the oris or path will give You harmony and new views.




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