Shoe rack design unique and creative

Unique and creative shoe rack

What’s the first thing you do when you come home? Perhaps for many of us it’s reaching for a nice glass of wine or greeting your loved ones, but after a long day at work, you can’t wait to kick off your shoes and get comfortable!

There’s a reason shoe storage benches are often located just inside the front (or back!) door. These versatile units are both a welcoming sight and a functional must for your entryway. This way, you can avoid the unsightly pile of shoes and kick the habit of dropping them off just anywhere. Shoe storage benches are great communicators, too. New guests to your home don’t have to wonder whether you’re a “shoes off” or “shoes on” household after being welcomed into the home. A shoe storage bench shows that you care about both the comfort of your guests and reflects your outstanding organizational skills, keeping accessories, gloves and hats easily available yet neatly out of sight.








Unique and creative shoe rack are one of the hottest new design items available. Multiple options exist for cubbies, hooks, doors, cabinets and tilt out compartments. Cushions for benches often come in a wide variety of colors and styles, further helping to dress up your entryway or mudroom and enhance that feeling of comfort. Placement of the storage bench under a window is a favorite choice, providing both a view and a place to rest your weary feet. There are as many styles available as your imagination can muster. You may choose an option with multiple pull-out drawers suspended beneath the bench seat that are removable, or lift-up bench seats for storage of larger items such as boots and blankets.








Unique and creative shoe rack also come in a wide variety of material options: Leather, laminates and lacquers make finishes easy to clean, and many high-end wood finishes and intricate detailing really dress up a foyer or hallway. If you have a covered porch or garage, you may want to buy multiple benches to keep your outside gloves, boots or flip flops separate from your inside shoes. Bench seats are a perfect way to extend your outside seating options on a porch or patio.










Because many department or furniture stores may only offer one or two selections for shoe storage benches, online shopping gives you a great advantage. In addition to considerably more choices in styles, sizes and material, free shipping takes the pain out of asking your neighbor once again if you can borrow his truck to bring your new piece home or paying astronomical fees assigned by your local furniture stor

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