Various motifs of wood flooring options for your home

Various motifs of wood flooring options


Do you want your home floor be elegant? Do you want to walk on the floor according to the style you want and reflect your personality? Then get the various motifs of wood flooring options.




Your style, your floor!

How will wooden floors in accordance with your style? Well, hardwood floors have become the choice of many people who want a classic feel in their homes. It is elegant and can give a rustic look, too. This can give your home a rustic motif urban which can make your mood is more relaxed when you get home from work.

In addition, hardwood floors come in various colors and styles that can be really good with your choice. It has already developed a simple brown color of overtime in different variations.





If you want a plain floor, try to install the Board. Types of wooden floors give pieces of various boards. Should you choose this style, you can save energy in install because you just installed a number of forests and can also save you money.

If your home is small and you want to look bigger, installing small strips of hardwood flooring. The Strip just three inches or less in size.

In addition, one piece of wood flooring can give a more solid look in your home. This kind of varied thickness and can last for long years. It is also easy to change or updated when needed because only one piece.

Parquet floor give You tile look on your floor. Through this way, you can make a pattern on the floor. Comes in a variety of shapes and colors such as ceramic counterparts.

Caring for your floor is elegant

Because of the various motifs of wood flooring of choice is indeed the main attraction in your home, it’s also a great investment. For it to last for years, it must receive the proper care. In addition to routine cleaning or dust, it should be kept and updated as necessary.





Use the oil hardening, no wax floors as used with cement floors, in keeping Your hardwood floors. It can make your floors shine and sturdy. Ask hardware stores You to recommend you specify wax. Apply as regularly as 18 months or one year each.

Drag heavy furniture on Your hardwood floors can provide a lot of scratches and damage. To avoid this, you can apply three layers of lacquer. It protects wood from possible scratches and make it more durable. However, it’s best that you take your furniture from dragging them or protect the lower surfaces with carpet or cloth before dragging them.




Although a wet MOP is a good way to clean your floor, don’t do it on Your hardwood floors. Vinegar and bleaching agent which is also good, but they don’t shine to the floor, too. Water and vinegar may be the worst enemy of hardwood floors. The water loosens the fibers of the wood and create in the weak. It can also make the floor to swell on the edge. It is not recommended to use a damp MOP to use mister and MOP dry to clean the floor.





On the other hand, vinegar contain strong acids which can easily lead to the discoloration of Your hardwood floors. The use of vinegar and You immediately lose the elegance of your floor.

The floor of your House somehow reflects what’s inside it and the people who live in it. Thus, it is better to invest in the floor that suits your style and install hardwood floors can be your best choice. This stylish, elegant!

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